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My LGBT advocate friends , join us in our support of Cocktails & our outrage against this spiteful treatment of good citizens by the "Current" Cleveland administration.

As someone that came of age in the "Sixties" & has formed bonds with friends of various ages, colors , creeds , social, political & economic backgrounds , sexual preferences etc. & has seen the devastating & disastrous effects of racism & prejudice , it has long been my belief that RACISM is the weapon used by the ELITE to keep us divided ! We the PEOPLE need to come together & unite to end "CLASS-ISM" , the REAL ENEMY of us all !

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We live in a nation called the United States of America , yet political parties keep us hostage with... their constant battling for POWER & CONTROL, with no recognition that they were elected to SERVE us , hate , fear & mistrust are fostered & fomented among cultures , races , religions etc., greedy , corrupt corporations are empowered to hold hardworking citizens at their mercy & on it goes .
  We as the common folk need to put all those things aside & become the UNITED CITIZENS OF AMERICA if ever we are going to have the "BY THE PEOPLE & FOR THE PEOPLE" government our forefathers envisioned .

 We're trying to build a better world & hope you’ll be part of our growing global network of creative artists, musicians, business owners/entrepeneurs, politicians, non-profit & humanitarian organizations/initiatives & caring/concerned human beings from every walk of life !!!!
"Our" most IMPORTANT project is this one !
Help us Grow by encouraging others to join us !
It will take a Global Village to Reach , Teach & Save Our Children

On the 12th Anniversary of Sept. 11th -Please share our
Tribute Song + Video...

Let All Our Heroes
Know ..They Are Not Forgotten.. Thank you Dedicated to the Fallen Heroes of
9-11 who paid the ultimate price and the victims they struggled to
save."Fallen Heroes 9-11" Nominated for (Song of the Year) by the
Independent Country Music Association..April 2012...

Warning: Some Images
May Be Disturbing..

Written by my dear friend Carmella Inchierchiera and Nelson

Performed and Music by Nelson Blanchard. Recorded at his

(Techno Sound Studio) in Baton Rouge, La

Please feel free to share your own 9/11 story here

Carmella had her own
story to tell about her Inspiration for this amazing song

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We can't fathom the fact thatthere's no Permanent "Woodstock" exhibit there . John Gabriel , "Father Of Woodstock" Artie Kornfeld & Me at the Rock & Roll Hall Of "Shame"
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